Other Services - Records Software and Destruction

Records Management can include many other services like supplying scanning equipment, installing record storage racks and software all depending on your specific business needs. AGS Records Management’s experience allows us to customise these services in order to suits your needs perfectly.

A complete Records Management service customised according to your specific needs

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Selling and installing equipment

AGS Records Management can help you to equip your offices with new and effective materials to manage your records by:

  • Equipping your office with racks
  • Creating a records storage room
  • Providing archiving boxes or other supplies
  • Equipping your company with the latest records management software
  • Equipping your company with scanners

Our teams are here to help you to find the best way to equip your premises with the finest and most effective records management equipment to fit with your objectives.

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Records Management software

Our software “E-archiv” is used to manage physical records and digital records.

  • Real time tracking of your records
  • Management of your internal communication requests
  • Multi-level classification plan
  • Management and timing of your document destruction
  • User access management
  • Analytics, tracking and monitoring

We offer:

  • An assessment based on your needs
  • The supply of the software in SAAS mode
  • Implementation and day-to-day assistance
  • User/administrator training and telephone assistance
Destruction de documents

Destruction of records

The destruction of the records is done when their legal period of retention has expired or when confidential records need to be shredded.

Different solutions proposed:

  • Recycling
  • Grinding or compacting

Which implies:

  • Authorisation for destruction by authorised persons
  • Certificate of destruction issued